Assassins’ Creed II


Italy in the time of Renaissance. Ezio, son of Florentine aristocrats who sought to avenge his clan, whose reputation was tainted by the powerful and immoral Italian families. Path Killer II – is an epic story about family, revenge and the plot takes place in the beautiful and brutal early Renaissance Italy. In this sequel retained key gameplay, thanks to which the first part enjoyed a resounding success, and also added new features that will surprise the players.

Features Assassins’ Creed II:

– 9 variety of tasks: murder, escape, rescue friends and ordinary people

– Addictive gameplay: the free movement of urban and vertical flights

– Discover the wonderful city of Renaissance Italy: Venice, Florence and Forli

– Disarmed enemies, hide and use various weapons …

– Use their skills to people to help you cope with the soldiers;

Platform: Java

Language: English

License: Freeware


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